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Standard Surety Bonds


KOG International is a Surety Bond Broker Specializing in Standard Construction Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, and Payment Bonds.

As one of the premier construction surety bond brokers in the Northeast region, we provide all the support services required by construction contractors to prepare and apply for a construction bond.

The process starts with an evaluation of your financial reports to determine the financial strength of your business as it relates to your bond profile.  This process will help KOG determine the preferred underwriters to consider for your application and the level of documentation you will need to incorporate in the construction surety  bond application.  Our surety bond broker then assist you with the application process by organizing and preparing the required documentation.

The documentation typically required of your business for the bond application include:

  • CPA Prepared Financial Statements
  • Tax Returns
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Work-In-Process Report
  • Bank Verification
  • Contractors Questionnaire

We then help you package all of this information into your standard surety bond Application saving you time throughout the application process.

When your application is complete and packaged for submission, we present your application to the preferred underwriter whom we have a high confidence will issue the bond at the best price based upon your risk profile.

After the standard surety bonds are issued, our surety bond brokers keep the account and construction bond information up-to-date so we can process future bonds in a timely manner.

Our clients benefit from the more than 40 years of experience providing:

  • Market Access (20 different sureties)
  • Qualified Credentials
  • Relationships with very senior surety underwriters

Enabling us to deliver your surety bond on-time plus provide:

  • Preferred Standard Surety Bond Rates
  • Excess Capacity
  • Large Job Support
  • Better Terms & Conditions
  • Limited Indemnity

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