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KOG International is a Surety Bond Broker with Expertise in Securing Specialty Construction Bonds.

We serve construction contractors across the U.S. from our headquarters in West Chester, PA who are financially troubled or seeking larger bonds than their financial statements would allow in the standard construction bond market. 

The Specialty Surety Bond described on this page is designed for the construction company whose business is generally not on sound financial footing and has been turned down by multiple underwriters. Specialty surety bonds can be classified as “hard to place bonds”. This includes contractors with current tax liens, prior bankruptcies, negative net worth, negative working capital and larger bonds than their financial statement qualifies.

KOG has helped hundreds of construction companies and contractors who have been turned down for a construction bond.  Our expertise is supported by an ability to analyze and package your financials, and then market your surety bond application to our proprietary network of underwriters developed over more than two decades of brokering construction bonds.

Specialty Bonds require more intensive scrutiny and analysis of the contractor’s and surety’s risk.  Sophisticated risk management techniques are negotiated and employed to optimize the bond program under these challenging circumstances.


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