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Express Surety Bond Program


The Express Surety Bond Program is a quick and simple way for small and emerging contractors to secure bonding. The program provides bonding support for contractors needing bid bondsperformance bonds and payment bondsmaintenance bonds, and SBA bonds. Single bond limits of up to $400,000 in contract price and aggregate bond limits of up to $2 million in combined contract prices are available with very little paperwork or underwriting. In most cases a quick application and credit check is all that is required!

Typical Requirements of a Surety Express Bond Program

  • Experience: The nature of the work to be performed is consistent with the knowledge and experience of the principal’s present organization and the usual/primary work performed by the organization.
  • Territory: The contract is located in the territory in which the principal conducts its usual operations. (All projects must be in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia)
  • Good Personal Credit

Benefits of the Express Bonding Program

  • Most approvals within 48 hours.
  • Quick and easy online application.
  • Very little paperwork: applicants will only be required to sign an indemnity agreement.
  • Efficient underwriting: only a personal credit check of ownership is needed, business and/or personal financials and/or tax returns are not required.
  • World Class Customer Service
  • Single bond limit $400,000/Aggregate bond limit $2 million
  • Lowest rates on the market!

How is the cost of a surety bond calculated?

The cost of a surety bond is dependent upon a variety of factors, but in almost all instances it is a small percentage of the total bond amount—typically 1-10%. All surety bonds are either issued instantly at a set premium for the subject to review by an underwriter where the cost will be calculated based on things like the bond amount, the risk associated with the bond, and the risk associated with the applicant.

Unlike insurance policies that are written to take into account the losses suffered when a claim is made, underwritten surety bonds are issued to applicants who are considered to be of minimal risk. That is to say, surety companies issue bonds assuming the principal—the entity buying the bond—will not have any claims against their bond.


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