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KOG Bonds International Inc. Agent Services

Agent Services can be critical for a commercial contractor’s overall business plan. From the contractor’s perspective, the bond program is a priority compared to the overall property and casualty insurance program.

  • Our agent services who can give surety support through their own markets or coordinate the bonding through a surety specialist can increase their relationships with their contractor clients and protect their accounts from outside competition.

Whether your agency has in-house surety capabilities and needs an outlet for hard to place bonds or your agency has no surety markets, KOG Bond International Inc. can help.

How to choose the right Bond Agent Service? 

There are thousands of bonding agents across the U.S. that offer surety bonds. However, many of them primarily offer insurance, and write surety bonds on the side (people sometimes refer to them as a bond agent services).

Our Bond Services Are Fast and Protect You

 if you choose our company, you will not have to worry about longer turnaround time and increased costs due to being brokered out to middlemen, as we have access to specialty programs and the ability to approve and write your surety bond in-house here at KOG Bonds International Inc.\

Most bond agencies will not get involved with the claim process, as they will sell you your surety bond, collect payment and move on to the next customer as fast as possible. If your current contract or commercial surety bond agency doesn’t take the time to explain that you’re responsible for bond claims and how to avoid them, you should strongly reconsider working with them. You can learn more about how surety bonds work and how they benefit you.

If claims occur, we have a team of claims specialists that will defend you from false ones, and work with the surety companies to ensure you pay as little as possible for legitimate ones.

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