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You Know How to Build It…We Know How to Bond It!

KOG Bonds International Inc. industries has an impeccable track record of providing small and medium-sized contractors – even those with poor credit scores and financial difficulties – with professional bond services, regardless of the industry they serve.

KOG Bonds International Inc. Provides bonds for these industry types:

  • Plumbing

    • A plumbing contractor surety bond is a type of insurance that guarantee that the contractor will enter into a contract with the owner or forfeit the contracted job. It guarantees the plumber’s financial stability and legal/ethical work. If a client is a victim of fraud or the contractor fails to complete the job, the surety bond will reimburse him or her.
  • Construction

    • Construction Bid Bonds guarantees that the contractor will enter into a contract with the owner or forfeit the Bid Bond as compensation to the owner if the job must rebid or awarded to the higher-priced second bidder.
  • Electrician Industry Bond

    • The electrical contractor surety bond guarantees that licensed and bonded electrical contractors will comply with state requirements and provisions for contractors. It protects the public and the state from contractors who operate outside the realm of the law, or are otherwise in violation of the law and the provision set by the organization.
  • Roofing

    • Roofing contractor surety bond in many states are required to become licensed and sign a surety bond in order to perform work. A common licensing requirement is for them to obtain a roofer license bond, which is a type of contractor license bond.
  • HVAC

    • HVAC contractor license bond is required before being able to obtain an operating license. The bond is an important because it’s a type of insurance for you that guarantees that you’ll operate in an lawful manner, and in compliance with state rules and regulations.
  • Paving

  • ​​​​​​​paving  surety bond is a contract entered into by three parties who agree in writing to undertake a paving project and guarantees that the project will be completed in a lawful manner.

If, by any chance, you’re unable to meet the requirements of your contract, then the client has the right to file a claim against you.